Thursday, February 4, 2010

Billiards Slogan What Is A Good Billiard Slogan?

What is a good Billiard slogan? - billiards slogan

I really need a good motto for an eye and snooker fetch Store. Our company name is Knight PLAN
I worked with a title such as "believe," you got it! "" He has a plan to the other knights, and now we are on such a sale, but nothing came to mind. I would be glad of your help.



Gibbz198... said...

"With prices like never Snookered"

"Come on down and show signs of Bargin"

"You get big savings on the project, Sir"

hehe just a few ideas

bill said...


It is perhaps not going the right direction, but draws particular attention to humans.

Knight Shot. If $ hopping is only a scratch! "

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